Looks like SKT Black and White themes have been abandoned. We decided to leave the two demos live because at the moment they are perfecly working and we can already guarantee that we could replicate their look and functionalities with other, WordPress 5 compliant means.

YinYang YIN and YinYang YANG are two independent websites, linked to offer the same content in two different languages. Normally, in our sites the choice of language directs you to the matching content stored inside a single installation, which includes all contents of all languages.

Having an independent website for each language means more security – if there is a problem, this is not going to affect the whole structure, so it is easier and faster to solve – but it involves the use of more resources, both in web space and in construction and maintenance time. A single structure is simpler and more agile to construct and maintain, but in the event of a failure, the site must be put into service in its entirety.


YinYangYIN and YinYangYANG are two independent websites in all respects, so that it is possible to use a different theme for each language. We chose SKT Free Black and SKT White Free, which are two versions of the same structure, with slightly different functions. This allowed us to customize the presentation of the contents of the two languages, while communicating their fundamental identity: the two website are different, but they are clearly two sides of the unit.

Do you want a multilingual website but you do not know which solution is best suited to your needs? Explore our demos and contact us for a free consultation!

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