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De Signatura Rerum

Thanks to its content in saponins and mucilage, Lungwort exerts an expectorant and anti-inflammatory action on the organs of respiration. The positive effect on pulmonary tuberculosis depends on the presence of silicic acid, but it is likely that his reputation in this regard has been supported by the characteristic speckled leaf that resembles a lung, according to the theory of Signatures.

In his De Signatura Rerum, Jacob Boehme collects principles that were already present in ancient medicines and systematize them trying to reconcile the Christian vision with astrological doctrines, as is evident in this image:

boheme mysterium magnum

Jakob Böhme (Jacob Boehme): Alle theosophische Wercken, Amsterdam: Johann Georg Gichtel, 1682.

Pulmonaria Officinalis

Pulmonaria flowers.

Le caratteristiche foglie maculate.

Pulmonaria leaves.


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